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20. July 2010

I hope you love to read, because I love, love, love to write!
While my stories always contain erotic love scenes, they are truly love scenes. What fascinates me about passion is how it illustrates the growing intimacy between two lovers. In my books, you’ll never find sex just for the sake of titillation. Instead, you’ll find a man and a woman learning what truly excites them about each other, celebrating each other body, mind and soul. Sometimes you’ll know it’s love before they do – passion often strikes first. But eventually my strong-willed men and women realize that they’ve found the other who completes them.
They may indulge in just a bit of … kink, but just a bit. And it will be in the context of a story that’s full of what I believe makes a great romance – adventure, even danger, in locales from my hometown to exotic vacation spots. You may even wind up in an imaginary galaxy, or a re-imagined time in our history. But you’ll always be in the midst of a red hot romance that’s destined to end in happy ever after!
I truly believe in it because, hey, I’m living my own.
best, Cathryn

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