The bigger the alpha, the harder he falls
cover New Honey in Town by Cathryn Cade, Book 8 in Sweet&Dirty BBW MC Romance

There’s A New Kid in Town

Hey, Reader!

There's a new kid in town… and neither the biker or his feisty lady are prepared to accept the changes in their lives.

Until they realize their shared gift may bring them a whole new way of life… even better than before.

But with a deadly enemy from a rival biker club on their trail, can they team up to protect their baby and their new life together?

Don't miss your chance to find out!

best, Cathryn

Sweet&Dirty BBW MC Romance, Book #8  featuring Della and Rav

He’s living the good life, riding free and wild. Until a feisty brunette offers him a gift he can’t refuse.

‘Rav’ Harkness rides free, parties hard and makes no promises to the women who pass through his life.

But when he rescues a sexy, BBW brunette from a psycho in a rival club, he must ride through enemy territory to shield her. When hearts collide and the future strikes home, will he lose everything…or gain a whole new life?

Della Bonyer is a woman on a mission—to make a life for herself on her own terms.

Until she’s forced to flee across five states with a near stranger to stay safe, and her plans crash and burn. Passion explodes between them, but will it keep her warm when she’s left holding the result of their tryst?

This Christmas, the Flyers will celebrate more than one birth.

Each book can be read as a standalone, with a HEA, no cheating, and honey-sweet, turn-up-the-heat romance!

Will love’s sweetness be worth the sting?

Don't miss another fast-paced, sexy ride with the Devil's Flyers–get Book 8 today!

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