Can’t Get the Right Version of the Kindle eBook? Here’s how!

Hey, Reader,

Hope you are enjoying my new release, NEW HONEY IN TOWN. Reviewers are giving it a big thumbs up!

But if you're having trouble getting the right copy, let me show you how - with pictures, 'cause I'm a visual learner, and maybe you are too.

The book HAS BEEN UPDATED by Amazon, and they are now solely responsible for getting you the correct content.  Many readers have let me know they now HAVE THE RIGHT BOOK.

IF YOU DO need to give Amazon permission to push out updates on ebooks to you.

Here's how...

Update Kindle books automatically

  1. Go to YOUR Amazon account.
  2.  Click on Content and Devices. (see red arrow below)

          3. Click on "Preferences" tab. (see red circle below)

         4. Scroll Down to "Automatic Book Updates" & click it. (see red arrow below)

5. Click ON ... and bingo! You're done.

You should now receive the updated copy of NEW HONEY IN TOWN and any other Kindle ebook you buy. 

If you don't, PLEASE contact Amazon Customer Service for further help. They have a 'Contact Us' button at the bottom of every single page.



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