The bigger the alpha, the harder he falls


Invite YOU on a wild ride, back to the beginning...

Where the love of a lifetime began

cover Raw Honey by Cathryn Cade, Prequel of Sweet&Dirty BBW MC Romance

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He had her heart in his hands… but he let it fall into the fire. Can this biker breathe life into the ashes of love?

Mac ‘Cooler' Carson has one last chance to get his family back…
He'll have to talk fast and play dirty. Good thing this Flyer's an expert at both.

RaeAnn Carson will do anything to keep her son out of trouble…
Even take him to live with his biker daddy.

But when her ex insists she's part of the deal—or no deal… does she dare risk getting burned again?

Will love's sweetness be worth the sting?

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