The bigger the alpha, the harder he falls

Welcome to my first blog!

Hi Readers,

I love to write, even more than I love to read. Creating the universe for the spaceship Orion, and all her crew and passengers, has been an absolute hoot.

It all began in a comfortable chair in my living room somewhere in the Pacific Northwest …
I knew I wanted to get my work published. But how to begin?

I had read several wonderful stories from Samhain Publishing, and when I noticed the ‘Submissions' button on their webpage, something clicked. Er, other than the computer, I mean!

The Samhain editors were doing a call for shape-shifter stories. A shape-shifter had been prowling in the back of my fertile brain for a while – an erotic alpha male that made me blush to think of writing him for others to read. But, this seemed the perfect chance to see if I had what it takes.

But how to present him? The more I thought about the character I wanted to write, an alpha male who shifted from handsome, urbane man to a snarling, barely civilized big cat/man when controlled by his mating moons, the more I believed that he was, had to be, from another planet, where his, er, dominant style of mating would be not only acceptable to females, but highly desirable. And so my shifter became Tryon Jag, a Tyger from the planet Bryght. He's the navigator for the Orion, but under the influence of his mating moons, he's helpless against his primal urge to mate.

So The Orion Series came to be. Because writing ‘Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bryght' was so much fun, and received such a great response from readers – you raced it to #1 on the best seller chart at MyBookStore&More! Thanks! – that I couldn't stop there.

Now Book 2 in The Orion Series, ‘Her Commander', Captain Steve Craig's story is available from Samhain, as well. And readers took it straight up to the #5 spot on the MBAM bestseller list. Thanks again! Captain Craig is my hero – you know, the guy you'd want beside you in a tight spot, and then later in bed – sigh.

Oh, but wait, there's more! as they say on TV – grin. I'm writing Book 3 of the Orion Series, and if you thought ‘Tyger' and ‘Her Commander' smoked … hold onto your space suits, cadets, 'cause another shape-shifter is loose on the Orion, and he's after Sirena Blaze, the gorgeous, lethal commander of the Serpentian ships guard. She can kill with one blow of her long legs, but can even she handle a guy who shifts into something really dangerous when he's riled??

Stop by again for excerpts from all three stories. And drop me a note, let me know what you think of The Orion Series. I love to hear from readers.


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