The bigger the alpha, the harder he falls

Going ‘Out of This World’ to meet Sci Fi Romance Characters

I write sci fi futuristic romance.

 That means my characters ALWAYS get to go out of this world, the world in which you and I live. For me, that's just plain fun!

Love me some aliens. And by that I don't necessarily mean green dudes with tentacles hanging off their foreheads … although come to think of it I do have a character, Dr. Tentaclar (sorry, could not resist the joke) whose eyes are on stalks. And there are several. Pretty useful for keeping one eye on the patient's stats while operating.

But most of my characters are much closer to human, at least in appearance. My Serpentians are gorgeous, golden-skinned creatures with lightning quick reflexes, high resistance to heat and pain, and huge libidos, especially the royal houses of the Dragolins.

Indigons are the Spocks of their futuristic world. Able to read minds, influence them, and keep their emotions out of the equation … most of the time. You know in a romance I'm gonna mess with the poor blue-eyed intellectuals. Make them fall in love and lust.

Pangaeans are the peacemakers, the sensitive vegans of the galaxy. They garden, work as interpreters and chefs, and their skin has a green cast from all the chlorophyll they ingest. But, let one of them go wrong, and they can be fanatical.

Aquarians are from a planet with many seas, full of mysterious creatures of the deep. Aquarians can spend long periods underwater, are pale and beautiful, and very arrogant. Then there are the Lower Aquarians … not as bright, and best left in their sea homes, as they tend to leave slime trails everywhere on dry land. Yeah, enough said.

OMG, almost forgot the Tygeans, or Tygers. Grrrrroowl, girlfriend. Everyone should have one of these beautiful, ferocious shifters at her beck and call. Especially when they're under the influence of their mating moons. A big, furry man cat? Come to mama, big boy.

Of course, these races inter-breed with humans, and this can cause some heartache, as these beings struggle to reconcile their human side with their alien blood … and to exist in whichever world they find themselves.

Makes for some great, angsty, sexy romance, though! You thought it was cold in space? No way!

To meet some of the beings in my Cade-iverse, try my FREE READ, Heart of Stone, and join me in my new book, Stark Pleasure; the Space Magnates' Bride.

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cover Raw Honey by Cathryn Cade, Prequel of Sweet&Dirty BBW MC Romance

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The Devil's Flyers MC invite you on a wild ride,
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when their club and
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