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We are soooo close to time for another chapter in the wild life of the Devil's Flyers MC. 

This time, we're riding all the way to Hawaii with Moke Ahuelo, the big, quiet islander who lets only his Flyer family in, keeping his heart walled off from love.

Until he finds a scared, but feisty Seattle gal, hiding out on his family's beach, with nowhere left to run. 

Moke will help her hide from the killers on her trail, and curn for the hot, tropical passion that explodes between them...but when he learns the truth about her, will he push her away for good?

Don't miss your chance to find out!



Sweet&Dirty BBW MC Romance, Book #7
featuring Moke and Shelle

He’s in Hawaii to deal with his past.

She's on the run from hers.

They find sanctuary together, but will their passion explode into betrayal?

‘Moke’ Ahuelo is riding hard to forge a future.

But on Hawaii’s Big Island, the heartache of his past nearly brings this big man to his knees. Until he rescues a pretty squatter from the beach. Now he must claim his family's legacy, and keep her safe from the killers on her trail...and from the inner darkness that drives her.

Shelle Mason is running from her past.

She flew all the way to Hawaii to escape from evil bikers. But now she’s broke and alone, and her only rescue may be from one of the men she fears and distrusts—a biker.

Can these two loners find the way to trust each other, and their own hearts?

Will love’s sweetness be worth the sting?

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