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Paty Jager’s Other Creative Passion

Happy New Year!

Are you ready to rock 2013?

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Welcome, Paty Jager, author of Secrets of a Mayan Moon 

What are your thoughts on my New Year’s resolution to Take Time for Other Creative Passions?

Paty Jager
Secrets of a Mayan Moon

Paty says, “Bold Colors Spark my Creativity.

Over the years I’ve had many creative passions. Several of them I can no longer do, thanks to all the typing I do for writing.  Cake decorating and crocheting  were a couple that I enjoyed. But my wrists can’t take the extra stress beyond my typing. 

I became passionate about sewing as a new mother. I enjoyed making dresses for my daughters and finding the perfect fabric for curtains and pillows that transported my dreary rental into a nice place to be. I’ve kept that creative passion. Only now I sew for the grandchildren and piece together quilt tops.

Finding the fabric and a pattern for a quilt is the most fun. I love bold colors and tend to be swayed by them when selecting fabric for a quilt.  My daughter who has a quilting machine, rolls her eyes most of the time at my combinations, but I figure if they make me happy that’s all that matters.

I’ve made and given baby quilts to friends and family.  Those are fast to make and I like making the quilts fit in with the parents likes.

I do more creative sewing in the winter when there’s less to do outside.  I’m working on a sunflower quilt right now that has bright pinks and yellows. Yes, my daughter squints when she looks at it! LOL, Paty   

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Thanks to Paty for stopping by. What about you, readers? Leave a comment!

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28 Responses

  1. Paty, does your daughter do the backing and the actual quilting with her quilting machine? I've always been fascinated by this. I've only made a couple quilts in my life(years ago), and they weren't that great. These days almost everyone I know who quilts only does the "tops" and sends them out for finishing.

  2. Pollidog, I make the backing and the top and then my daughter uses her machine to do the quilting. If I'm making a baby quilt and don't have time to send it to her, I either tie the quilt or do an easy machine quilt.

  3. It's funny, I find more and more authors have tried so many creative outlets.
    In my twenties, I sewed, thirties I got my degree and did crafts, in my forties I knitted and crocheted. And now in my fifties I'm taking my writing more seriously (though I've always written).

  4. Sandy, I've been working on the sunflower quilt for two years. LOL Last year I made 250 ebook covers for the Lori Foster conference so that took up my quilt sewing time. But evenings in the winter are the best time for me to sew. I don't get any done in the summer.

  5. I have a second cousin who is actually famous in quilting circles for her quilts that look like photographs because she pieces together fabric like an artist paints. Not that is art! What I do is putting geometric shapes together for a pleasing effect. Thanks for commenting Teri!

  6. LOL Jessie. My grandmother and my mother both sewed. And I taught 4-H sewing for 22 years. My younger daughter had a degree in fashion design. Sewing has always been something I enjoy doing and find relaxing. Maybe you should take it up?

  7. In my teens and throughout college I sewed almost everything I wore. I made my own wedding gown (I was not willing to pay $500+ for a store bought gown?). I keep saying I'm going to get back to it, and find my unique style, but I don't. Not having a sewing machine right now is indicative of my non-commitment to sewing. I've always thought I'd like to learn to quilt, but it is only a passing thought. Hmmm…now I'm hankering to buy a sewing machine.

  8. The creative things I like to do besides writing are painting, jewelry making and knitting. It's nice to have a creative outlet where you see the finished product in a short time. It gives me a sense of accomplishment. Writing is takes longer to see the end results, at least for me.

  9. Maggie, my mom made my wedding dress and my daughter(the fashion designer) made her wedding dress and her sister's. As well as all the bridesmaid dresses. It cost a heck of a lot less than buying them. And she got more practice since that is what she prefers to make. For me quilting isn't about the sewing so much as the self-expression. Maybe you should get a sewing machine. I've come up with some scenes while sewing. ;0)

  10. Hi Diana, I agree, it is nice to have a finished project in a short amount of time and still have used it as a creative outlet. Once you get this first book finished you'll find the next one will come faster.

  11. Paty, your quilting sounds like fun. I've never quilted but used to sew a lot. I was a fashion design major in art school and we had to cut and sew up our designs. Nowadays my sewing machine mainly sits and collects dust. Good for you for keeping up your "other" passions.

  12. How fun to learn this about you, Paty. We have a lot in common. I've decorated cakes since our first daughter was born and then moved into wedding cakes as wedding gifts for most all of the girls I had in my Camp Fire group and various other darlings along the years. I have carpel tunnel damage so the cakes are less complicated now. I also love sewing and am now into quilts. I have made and given away 37 baby quilts in my daughter's memory in the past ten years. I am with you on the brighter the better. Now my hubby helps pick out the colors and he is so good at it and the wilder the better. You are right though, the amount of typing definitely slows down the sewing.

  13. Wow! A lot of sewing here. I have to admit that is one thing I have no desire to learn. I love watching Project Runway and Fashion Star though. But actually doing it? No thank you.

  14. Oh, I use to love to sew! When my kids were little, I made almost everything they wore. I liked to dress them up a like.:) I even worked part time at a fabric store so I could get a discount. Problem was, I spent most of my paycheck on fabric and notions.

  15. Karen, I didn't realize you were a seamstress. When the kids are little it's fun to make their clothes and they don't complain about the colors or fabrics. LOL Thanks for stopping in.

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