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Ahh, Summer!

2. August 2010

I don’t know about you, but I have a love/hate relationship with summer. Here in the Pacific Northwest, it’s the long awaited time of sunshine and warmth, of flowers and new-mown grass, of boating and swimming, of golf and hiking, of …
Yes, you get the picture. I try and cram my favorite outdoor activities into 2 short months. Of course, some of those spill over into spring and fall, but – and it’s a big one 😀 Summer ends for me when school begins. I’m an elementary school librarian. I love my job, except when it cuts into my writing time. And it does that a lot, from September to June.
So, along with all my favorite outdoor activities, I spend my summers trying to write as fast as I can. This summer I finished a book – Yeehah! What a great feeling. It’s the last book in my current series, which is an even better feeling.
Things I have NOT done this summer are – improved my golf swing, gone swimming in a lake, or been to the art museum in Portland. I really love doing all three, but sometimes life doesn’t cooperate. It rained most of June here, which is why I finished my book so soon and why I haven’t been swimming in a lake. I’m not counting my brief dip on July 4th, because it felt exactly like jumping into a giant glass of ice water. All that cold rain kept the lakes from warming up until just recently. You never saw a woman climb a swim ladder so fast!
So I love summer, and I hate it for being so brief. I hope your summer is going swimmingly, and that you have lots of time to read!
best, Cathryn

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