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It’s a contest! Book Title = Prizes for You

You have great ideas, right? Sure you do. I need one.

Here's the deal–I've written a contemporary paranormal, set in Hawaii. That's right, paradise. Love those islands, don't you?

I love this story, too. What I don't have is a title. So if you can come up with a title my editor and I love, I will send you a $20.00 gift certificate for or Barnes and, your choice. AND a free copy of the book when it debuts next spring, naturally!

Here's a quick look at the premise …

‘ Melia Carson is in Hawaii to escape the chill of heartache. But when she joins a tour, she finds herself in a tropical heat wave. Her playboy host is not what he seems. Neither is the handsome Hawaiian who joins their group. David Ho'omalu is big, powerful and hot enough to melt even Melia's defenses. But why does she dream of him each night, garbed in native style and wreathed in flames?
When she surrenders to the desire burning between them, she discovers he has fiery, hidden depths. As one of the goddess Pele's guardians, he protects her island while she slumbers deep inside her volcano, Kilauea.
A true Hawaiian hero, born to protect his island. He'll use his power to protect Melia as well, but can she trust him with her heart?'

So that's the story … or at least the beginning. What would be a good title for this story? Keep in mind it involves a little bit of molten lava, too! ;D

You're welcome to present as many titles as you wish. Please send them to

I will choose a winner by October 1st, 2011.


19 Responses

  1. I hope this goes through. "Volcanic Embrace, Midnight Eruption, Polynesian Pleasure, Island Mix, Guardian of my heart, Dream of Me.

    Mary George.

  2. I always have trouble with titles, too! My first ones are usually terrible, and by avoiding those, I try and find the good ones. Or at least the semi-good ones. This is why I have an editor.

    Here are some titles you should not use under any circumstances whatsoever.

    — Aloha Oy! (only if your heroine is Jewish)
    — Lei and Layability
    — Subduction in Paradise (inaccurate, as Hawaii is not on a subduction zone)
    — Flank Eruption (accurate!)
    — In a Hot Spot (also accurate! and much sexier!)
    — 'A'a, My Love (this would appeal to the niche of romance-reading geology geeks — which is pretty much just me and a couple people in Iceland)
    — Ring of Fire (good for volcano imagery, and — for the Johnny Cash song, but also has some, um, unfortunate implications in romantic terms)

    … and last but not least:
    — For The Lava of a Good Man

  3. Jan, Mary, Marian, Elisa, and Shelley,

    You are ALL wonderful, and many of your ideas are fabulous, definitely in the running for the book's title.

    Except for Olivia's, which made me snort my iced tea–thanks! What a hoot. May I post those on my Facebook page?

  4. I hope Olivia says yes because I loved those titles!

    Mine would be 'Behold a Bright Fire,' 'Pele at Midnight,' or 'Awakening the Goddess.'

    The story sounds great!

  5. I've always tried to use the KISS (Keep It Simple Silly) concept so how about Hawaiian Hero.

    And by the way I love your books!


  6. NayNay,

    Hawaiian Heroes is the series name, because this is just the first of at least 3 books in the series. So that's a keeper, now we need the title for this particular book.

    And thanks so much for the compliment!

  7. Do you want to keep a theme going in the titles? For example: Hawaiian Surrender, Hawaiian Dreams, and Hawaiian Flames. Also, do you want to keep Hawaiian in the name to draw in readers or will Hawaiian Heros series name be on the covers too? If yes, then the reuse of Hawaiian is overkill. Do you want to focus on the mystery or the paranormal or the romance side of the book? Is it as spicy as your other books? Just rambling here and thinking of all the angles…it's what I do when I come up with titles.

  8. You already have some great suggestions here. The post said to send to email, but looks like everyone's leaving them here.

    Pele's Guardian
    Burning Desire
    Volcanic Eruption
    While She Sleeps

    Best wishes,
    Cher Green
    cher438 at hotmail dot com

  9. How about Hot Hawaiian Fire, or Hot Hawaiian Love, God of Hawaiian Heat?
    Kathy Crouch (I'm on facebook for some reason I can't get things to post any more to comments.

  10. Lynda,

    Great brainstorming! You're right, Hawaiian Heroes IS the name of the series, so we don't really need Hawaiian in the title.

    What I've been focusing on is the volcano, and the flames that the hero evokes not only in his heroic persona, but in the heroine, ;D.


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