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Independence Day … and beyond

Today is July 4th, the day when Americans celebrate the signing of our Declaration of Independence.

 Here in the Pacific Northwest, we gather together with friends, family and neighbors to barbecue and blow up as many faux incendiary devices as we can legally buy. Silly, huh? No, not really.

Here's why—every time I see a gorgeous firework rocket into the night sky and then burst into sparkling colors, I think of all the men and women in our armed forces who've died under real mortar and rocket fire. Because of them and their sacrifices my family lives in a free country.  Instead of real battles raging around our home, there are only loud bangs and flashes for a few evenings.

Where ever you live, I hope you have freedoms to celebrate, as well. Like the freedom of information. Have you ever stopped to think that the freedom to buy a romance novel, or any other kind, is an important right? It is—totalitarian regimes always go after the artists and writers as soon as they've secured the government. They don't want you thinking freely.

My writing reflects my appreciation of our freedoms, too. Oh, my current series isn't set in this country or even on this earth, but the men and women of The Orion believe strongly in doing what's right. Protecting their ship and all the beings aboard. Keeping them safe from those who would do harm.

The hero and heroine of Prince of Dragons, my first book in PRINT from Samhain, available tomorrow, July 5th, are the captains of The Orion's Guard. Willing to sacrifice themselves, if need be to keep their ship, her crew and passengers safe.

Would I be this brave in real life? Sorry to say, no. I'm just a civilian. One who's grateful for all those true blue men and women braver than me. And grateful that I have the freedom to share my brave and very sexy characters with you.

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