The bigger the alpha, the harder he falls

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Greeting from the Cade-iverse!

Things continue to heat up out here as Joran Stark is unable to resist the chance for some unexpected publicity. Of course the trouble it gets him in later will be his own fault … but we won't hold that against him, right?

Enjoy this story snippet from Captive of Pleasure; the Space Pirate's Woman, and then stop by some of the other Sci Fi Romance authors' blogs to check out their new stories, too. 

“We’re all on the big holovids now, boss,” a huge, craggy-faced man noted, his deep voice like soft thunder. “The Travel Channel beams all over the galaxy. Not sure that’s a good thing.”
Var was a Space Forces veteran with a stoic demeanor and a dislike of uniforms and crowds in that order.
Joran nodded, humor still etched on his face. “You speak truth, Var. And in the filthiest dens in the galaxy, they’re mocking us as we speak. But let ‘em.”
“We mocked them,” Qala said instantly, on her feet as well. “You watch–most of the galaxy will believe what that fool says about us. And meanwhile, we go on doing what we want, when we want–flying under the satcom.”
Joran nodded. “My thoughts exactly. Most beings believe all they see, and most of what they hear.”
“Loved the part where you said ‘Why am I known as El Zhazid, The Storm?’” mimicked a tall young man with ragged light brown hair. “’Because we just drift across the plains, moving here and there like the wind.’”
The crowd laughed again.
“Thank you, Haro. That was good, wasn't it?” Joran agreed. “Always give them something that’s near enough to the truth that they can dock and think they've found the real entrance.”

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