The bigger the alpha, the harder he falls
cover of Take the Honey and Run by Cathryn Cade, Book 6 of Sweet&Dirty BW Biker Romance

Are YOU Ready to Run?

Yes, Readers!  

It's finally time for another chapter in the wild life of the Devil's Flyers MC. This time, we're riding with T-Bear, the gentle, ginger giant with a big, big heart, but questionable taste in women and tee-shirts.

Until he meets a strawberry blonde trying to scrape her life back together, hampered by her questionable taste in men and thrift-store clothing.

Luckily for T-Bear, he has his brothers and their women to take his back… but can even the Flyers save Manda from the psycho trying to trap her in a life of prostitution? Read the book reviewers are calling ‘hot, sexy and at times hilarious'.



Sweet&Dirty BBW MC Romance, Book #6featuring T-Bear and Manda

She thinks they're on a blind date… he thinks she's in it for the money. Can this date end well?

A big, bearded, ginger biker hires a pretty BBW strawberry blonde for the night, only to learn she has no idea he paid for her charms.

If he wants more, he’ll have to rescue her from some very bad dudes. But even harder may be convincing her to believe in his big heart.

John ‘T-Bear' Turner is a brother in the Devil's Flyers MC, an ace auto-mechanic, and the life of the party. But there's something he wants even more than these–a woman to call his own. And when he finally finds her, how can he show her that he's the man she can trust with her life, and her heart?

Manda Kowitsky is in over her head. Abandoned by her ex in a dangerous situation, her only way out is with the biker who rescues her. But life has taught her that sooner or later, all men betray her.

Can she trust T-Bear, or is he just the latest in a string of bad choices?

Don't miss another fast-paced, sexy ride with the Devil's Flyers–get Book 6 today!

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