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November is the perfect time to say thanks

November 8, 2010

November is the perfect time to sit back and contemplate the past year. Indian summer’s over and the outdoor days of golf and biking, walking my golden retriever in the warm sunshine. Early fall and the excitement of school beginning, of Halloween has come and gone.
Now is the time when the last trees display their glory and then, overnight, scatter their leaves in a mosaic on the ground, ready to rest for the winter. I’m indoors more often, sitting at my computer. Finishing edits on the last book in my Orion series, so it can be published in early 2011. And wondering … what to write next.
This process fills me with joy. I am blessed to have this career that I love waiting for me. When I’m done with teaching, supper’s over and preparations made for the next day, then I get to sit down and let my imagination run free, blend with my love of romance and carry me away to worlds unknown. My characters burst into my consciousness, each with their own personality, passions, faults and dreams, demanding their chance to live and love on the pages of my next story.
And you, the readers, make it all possible. So here is my chance to say thank you to all who read romance, for buying, reviewing, and being passionate about the stories available to you. Without you, the publishing industry would languish, and there would be nothing to read.
Did you know that even during this terrible recession, romance as a genre of publishing, has held strong and even grown? You and I know why – in hard times more than ever, we need our fantasies. So thanks for sharing mine. May there be many more to come.

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