The bigger the alpha, the harder he falls
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What’s a BBW redhead to do when she must choose between two hot bikers?

Book 2

Kit Weeks hates making life choices–her life has shown her she makes all the wrong ones.

Keys Younger is a man who’s finally put down roots in the North Idaho woods.

Remington Red Hawk is a man with no tribe and no home, searching for a place to belong.

When the bodacious redhead is forced to hide out at Keys’ auto-restoration shop, passion hotter than his welding torch flames between them. But Kit can’t trust a man who calls her pursuer ‘brother’. And Keys has had too many temporary lovers to settle for less than all in from the woman he wants.

Remi wants both of them. When he moves in, should Kit move on? If she stays, can she ever deserve both of them? Her choice must be made as danger brews in the biker brotherhood.

Her heroes must prove that when she chooses them both, just for being herself she deserves all that’s sweetest in life … honey for nothin’.

Will love's sweetness be worth the sting?

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