The bigger the alpha, the harder he falls
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Box Set - Four MORE sexy, action-packed MC romances in a 2nd set!

The alpha males of the Devil's Flyers MC are falling like dominoes…to the power of love. Will these brothers follow?

Book 5, Honey in the Rock – Her real world could be wilder than her fantasies… if she dares. He’s a hot, dangerous biker who goes through women like whiskey. She’s a shy, BBW gamer who crushes on him from afar. But when danger throws them together for a weekend, they go up in flames. Now she’ll never be able to keep her distance… unless he pushes her away. Can’t get water from a stone, but can this BBW beauty spin honey from a rock?

Book 6, Take the Honey and Run – She thinks they're on a blind date… he thinks she's in it for the money. Can this date end well?
A big, bearded, ginger biker hires a pretty BBW strawberry blonde for the night, only to learn she has no idea he paid for her charms. If he wants more, he’ll have to rescue her from some very bad dudes. But even harder may be convincing her to believe in his big heart.

Book 7, Hawaiian Honey – He’s in Hawaii to deal with his past. She's on the run from hers.
They find sanctuary together, but will their passion explode into betrayal?

Book 8, New Honey in Town – He’s living the biker life, riding free and wild. Until he crashes into a sexy, brunette road-block.
Passion explodes between them, but they must both deal with the consequences of their tryst. This Christmas, the Flyers will celebrate more than one birth.

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Books in This Series

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cover Raw Honey by Cathryn Cade, Prequel of Sweet&Dirty BBW MC Romance

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