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COMING February 2020

     Valentine Honey; a Flyer novella featuring Grinder and Dani

Dani Geary needs a bossy biker up in her business like a fish needs a bicycle. 

Especially the biker she humiliated herself with three years ago.   

But when Grinder shows up on her doorstep, cold as the February snow, and announces he's her new business partner...

She must either learn to get along with him, or give up everything she's fought to build. 

Will love’s sweetness be worth the sting?


     Book 11, Sweet&Dirty BBW Romance

     HEAVY HONEY  Featuring Marcus 'Heavy' Hanks & Cassie Carson

Cassie Carson has come to Airway Heights, WA to get away from her over-bearing mother, spend time with her father and her half-brother Connor.
She doesn’t plan on falling for the big, handsome, flirtatious owner of the local gym. Especially since he already has a girlfriend—one who’s everything Cassie is not.
But with the right incentive, a girl can change. And that’s exactly what Cassie sets out to do. Until she decides that Heavy will never be interested in her, and there is a whole world of other men out there.

Marcus ‘Heavy’ Hanks has come to Airway Heights, WA to fulfill his dream of opening his own gym.
A place where the fitness-minded can come to take classes, lift weights and buy nutritional supplements.
He has the experience managing a gym in Seattle, and the business plan to finance his startup. Now he
Just needs financing. But when the local banks offer comes up short, he turns to the local chapter of the Devil’s Flyers.
He’s not about to get sidetracked by the feisty, sweet daughter of one of the Flyers.
But when he realizes she may be just what he really needs, is he too late?

Will love’s sweetness be worth the sting?


    Book 12, Sweet&Dirty BBW MC Romance

     FOREVER HONEY  Featuring Preacher and Cyn

      She’s a scorned woman with nothing left to believe in. He’s a rough, scarred biker with faith to spare. But can he teach her to trust in a       future together?