Coming Soon

Book 8, Sweet&Dirty BBW Romance

Coming November 20, 2018

He’s living the good life, free and wild.
Until the woman he left behind hits town…with a gift he can’t refuse.

‘Rav’ Hardesty rides free, parties hard and makes no promises to the women who pass through his life.
The one thing on this Devil’s Flyer’s mind is forging a new place for himself in the E Washington chapter. If that includes war with a rival club, he’ll fight alongside his brothers, no question.
Della Bonyer is a woman on a mission—find the biker who left her pregnant and alone, and make him pay up.
When her old car breaks down in the parking lot of the Devil’s Flyers clubhouse, that’s fine with her. She’s here to stay… at least until she gives birth to the baby she’s carrying.
This Christmas, the Flyers will celebrate a birth in their midst…that is, if the clubhouse is still standing when these two ex-lovers are through battling.

Will love’s sweetness be worth the sting?