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Book 7, Sweet&Dirty BBW Romance

Coming Summer 2018

Featuring Moke & Shelle

He’s in Hawaii to deal with his past. She's there to escape from hers. They find sanctuary together. But when they learn each other’s secrets, will their tropical tryst explode in betrayal? 

​David ‘Moke’ Ahuelo is riding hard to forge a future. From his old home on Hawaii’s Big Island to his new one in the pine-clad hills of Eastern Washington, Moke’s ride will be filled with danger and heartache.

Shelle Mason is running from her past. She flew all the way to Hawaii to escape from an evil biker gang. But now she’s broke, and alone, and her only rescue may be from one of the men she fears more than death itself—a biker.

Can these two ever find a way to trust each other, and themselves? 

Will love’s sweetness be worth the sting?

Book 8, Sweet&Dirty BBW Romance

Coming Fall 2018

This will be Streak's love story ...

There's a new honey in town, and she's just what this lonely biker needs.

But with her past, will she find the courage to take him on along with his little boy, Javier?