Coming Soon

Book 9, Sweet&Dirty BBW Romance

Coming February 2019

A marriage of convenience...biker style
Streak Gansett will do anything to keep his son safe--including marrying to create a convincing family.
But the one thing this Devil's Flyer doesn't count on is falling for the sexy blonde he marries.

Rissa Murtaugh has one chance to save her home--marry a stranger and pretend to be his devoted wife.
The problem is, once she gets to know him and his little boy, Javier, the lines between fake and real get blurry.
When their goals are achieved...will they want to let go...or hold on for good?

Will love’s sweetness be worth the sting?


Maui Moon - a Hawaiian romance

Coming March 2019

A tourist stumbles on a plot to silence a beloved Hawaiian singer...for good.
Stella Harmon is in paradise to relax and have fun.
But she didn't count on a hunky Hawaiian taking an interest in her. He's big, built, and hotter than the tropical sun. Too bad he's lying about why he wants to be with her. She's had way too much experience with men who lie.

Trouble is...he may be the only one she can trust to help her unravel a deadly plot.