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     Book 9, Sweet&Dirty BBW Romance

Coming May 2019

A marriage of convenience...biker style
Streak Gansett will do anything to keep his son safe--including marrying to create a convincing family.
But the one thing this Devil's Flyer doesn't count on is falling for the sexy blonde he marries.

Rissa Belmer has one chance to save everything she owns--marry a stranger and pretend to be his devoted wife.
The problem is, once she gets to know him and his little boy, Javier, the lines between fake and real begin to blur.
Can they walk away when it's over ... or will they want to hold on for good?

Will love’s sweetness be worth the sting?


     Book 10, Sweet&Dirty BBW Romance

     HONEY TO BURN  Featuring Cooler & RaeAnn

      He had her heart in his hands and let it fall into the fire. Now she’ll do anything to keep from getting burned again… but their son needs his             
father. Can this biker marriage be saved?

     A Sweet&Dirty novella... 

     American Honey   Celebrate a bangin' Independence Day with the Devil's Flyers

     Book 11, Sweet&Dirty BBW Romance

     HEAVY HONEY  Featuring Pump & Casee

      He’s fighting to save his new gym. She’s searching for answers to her past. With the Flyers’ help, can they build a future 
together…or will it all        fall down?

    Book 12, Sweet&Dirty BBW Romance

     FOREVER HONEY  Featuring Preacher and Cyn

      She’s a scorned woman with nothing left to believe in. He’s a rough, scarred biker with faith in so much more. But can he teach her to trust in a       future together?