Sweet & Dirty BBW Romance Series, Novella

Valentine Honey–a Sweet & Dirty BBW MC Novella 20,000 words
Featuring Stick & Sara from 'The Man With All the Honey'

She’s bracing to share her biggest secret ever with her man. But when trouble arrives on their doorstep, will hearts collide?

Sara Vanko’s life and marriage are about to change… forever.

But as Sara prepares to break the news to Ivan 'Stick' Vanko, President of the Devil's Flyers, that he's about to be a daddy again, a visitor shows up at the Flyers' Clubhouse—a cold blast from his past.

When Sara steps in, Stick loses his famous self-control—in front of their entire club. It's more than the usually unflappable Sara can bear.

Now this alpha biker man must admit he was wrong…and ask for forgiveness. This year, it’s his turn to make Valentine's Day a special one.

Can he prove to her that Cupid's not stupid, and love's sweetness is worth the sting?

Sweet & Dirty BBW MC Romance Series