Sci Fi Romance as CJ Cade

Dear Readers,

Getting ready to make a big change–but I don't want to leave you in the dark! Very soon, all my popular Sci Fi Romance/Space Opera will be moving to my new Author Name – CJ CADE.

Right, you guessed it. The names are almost alike, because I'm not trying to hide a thing, just do a better job of letting you know what to expect when you load one of my books on your e-reader or phone.

As things are, my Amazon lists of ‘books you may also enjoy' are a confusing mash-up of sc fi romance, contemporary & contemporary paranormal. I feel my contemp romance and my contemp paranormal romance go well together.

My Sci Fi Romance–not so much. Thus …

  1. NEW Website (with links here, always)
  2. NEW CJ CADE Author Pages on Amazon (including European and UK) and other sites
  3. The books will say ‘Cathryn Cade writing as CJ CADE
  4. For news, new releases, sales and contests, you can sign up for one or both CJ and Cathryn's newsletters.
  5. Expect lots of new Sci Fi Romance box sets AND stories coming this fall … more on that later, okay?

                                      best, Cathryn, aka CJ