Merry Christmas! A FREE Christmas Novella for You

Merry Christmas! Happy HANUKKAH! Happy Holidays to you!

Hey, Reader,

Here in North Idaho the snow is on the ground, and we're in the deep freeze, so it will stay white here through the holidays. Happy times for readers like us! We can stay warm inside with a hot drink & a great read. 

Just in time for the holidays, here's a FREE Christmas novella. Take a moment just for you, away from the family craziness, and enjoy.

CHRISTMAS HONEY is an 11K novella in my SWEET&DIRTY BBW Romance Series, featuring Jack & Lindi from Book 1, SHOW ME THE HONEY.

* * *

Lindi has a big surprise for her biker man this Christmas. But will Jack want her precious gift... or is he busy rekindling an old flame?

This will be the best Christmas of Lindi Carson's life. She and her dream man, biker Jack Moran, are growing their businesses together. She has Jack's ring on her finger, and a precious secret she can't wait to share with him.

But when a seductive beauty from Jack's past blows into town, Lindi's plans for a private celebration are ruined.

Will this Christmas be sweet as honey... or will the couple feel love's sting?

What's that?? 

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for Abbate - March 19, 2018

I NEVER READ ur BOOKS BEFORE BUT I TELL U .YOU NOW HAVE A AVID FAN. Your writing style keeps me keep reading even when I need to stop and do other thing.The women in ur books have back bone and sensuality, great combination . Thank u I am having great fun reading ,please keep writing !!!!!!!!!☺

    Cathryn Cade - March 30, 2018

    thanks so much, glad you enjoy the stories. I write heroines who are the way I wish I was, and who get to have all those fab adventures with dangerous bikers!
    best, Cathryn

    Reply - April 16, 2019

Thanks for finally writing about >Merry Christmas!

A FREE Christmas Novella for You <Loved it!

    Cathryn Cade - April 16, 2019

    So glad to hear!


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