Welcome to the Author Biz!

Writing is a fabulous way to express yourself…and writing romance is the best way of all.

But how to get started? Or, if you've started on your writer journey, how to take the next steps? Here are my top suggestions!

  1. BEWARE OF VANITY PRESSES & other sleazy people who tell you if YOU pay THEM, they will publish your works!!!! That, my friend, is NOT the way it works. More on that here: https://justpublishingadvice.com/vanity-book-publishing-and-self-publishing-are-not-the-same/
  2. Do join a reputable, non-profit org such as Romance Writers of America http://www.rwa.org/

If you are a romance author, this is the organization for you. The RWA represents more than 10,000 writers and romance publishing industry professionals in 145 chapters offering local & online special-interest networking and education. Yep, you can belong online, and learn from people all around the world.

RWA hosts an annual national conference and contests and awards for both published and unpublished writers. Membership includes subscription to the monthly Romance Writers Report, and access to lists of approved agents and publishers.

Site features: Stats on the romance industry, description of sub-genres (with word counts), reader statistics, awards, chapter contests, an honor roll and “hall of fame.”

Every state has a chapter & some have BIG chapters that are worth belonging to long-distance. Classes, conferences, yay!

  1. Read ROMANCING THE BEAT by Gwen Hayes! Seriously, it's short, funny and crammed with great advice on structuring your romance. And I am not related to or bffs with the author. Sadly, because she's awesome.
  2. Read GOAL, MOTIVATION & CONFLICT; the Building Blocks of Good Fiction by Debra Dixon. An essential building block for all beginning authors. Easy read with fab examples.

Other great craft teachers are James Scott Bell, Lisa Cron, KM Weiland (her blog is AMAZE-balls!) Angela Ackerman and Becca Pugliese.

Finally, Facebook has many author groups you can join to learn and share with other authors, both new and experienced.

Best to you in your author journey,


PS Any suggestions for other great resources to add here? Let me know!