Cover Reveal!! Dark Desires: A Contemporary Romance Collection


Ready to meet your next book boyfriend? How about 22 of them?

Prepare to ignite your nights with some of today’s hottest contemporary romance novels, starring the baddest of bad boys, bikers, billionaires, and more!

Inside the Dark Desires omnibus collection, you’ll find over one million words of burning hot fiction from today’s NEW YORK TIMES, USA TODAY and International bestselling authors!

Cathryn Cade  along with
Catherine Vale writing as Kate Nova
Muffy Wilson
Ivy Layne
Madisyn Ashmore
Normandie Alleman
Ann Omasta
JH Croix
Donna Alam
Jade Kerrion
Charlotte Casey
Rebecca Norinne
Ines Johnson
T.L. Smith
Amity Cross
Amie Stuart
Author Quinn
Tameri Tiara
Beth Yarnall
Gabi Moore
Alix Nichols
K.C. Falls


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I can't wait to debut my own story in this fabulous box set, HONEY IN THE ROCK, Book 5 in my SWEET&DIRTY BBW ROMANCE Series.  Think all bikers are bad to the bone? You don't know Jack … or the rest of the Devil's Flyers MC.

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Her real world can be even wilder than her fantasies… if she dares.

He’s a dangerous biker who goes through women like whiskey. She’s a shy, BBW gamer who crushes on him from afar. But when a threat on her life throws them together for a wild weekend, they go up in flames.

Now she can't keep her distance… until he pushes her away. Can’t get water from a rock, but can this BBW beauty spin honey from a rolling stone?

Don’t miss this dark, sexy ride through danger, as another man of the Devil's Flyers MC learns that love's sweetness is worth the sting!

             * * *

Devil's Flyers women do not look after themselves,” Rocker growled. “Appreciate that you’re tryin’ to stand on your own two feet, and be a grown-up and all that, but you got a club of brothers behind you now. When you have a problem, you bring it to us.”

When she didn’t answer, he looked over at her. “You gettin’ this?”

“Trying to be a grown-up?” she repeated, wishing she could smack him on the shoulder with her bag—which was heavy, because it had her lunch, coffee mug and water bottle in it. “I’m twenty-four. I’ve been being a grown-up for some time now.”

“Twenty-four. Yeah, you’re practically an old hag.” This time he grinned at her, and the effect, his eyes crinkling at the corners, white teeth flashing in his tanned face, amongst his ‘stache and goatee, was so startling she forgot to be mad at him for calling her a kid, and smiled back, her insides melting in a puddle of marshmallow goo.

His gaze flicked to her mouth. Then he looked back to the street, slowing for an ambulance to negotiate an awkward turn ahead of them, and exchanged a finger-lift with the other driver.

She continued to stare at him, not only because once a female looked at his rugged profile, it was difficult to look away, but because all the things he’d just said added even more layers to the bad-assery that surrounded him like an aura. He was an old-fashioned chauvinist, yes, but he was also protective and even nice, in his extremely forthright way. Since she’d grown up with an ex-Marine dad, this did not bother her as much as it might have.

If Rocker were a character in one of her games, he’d be a rogue warrior—a paladin—with a huge sword in his hands, wearing leggings and a wide belt, maybe even a kilt of sorts, but his upper body would be bared to reveal his heavy muscles. His hair, she wouldn’t change at all. 

And his face … not a single, solitary thing. It was perfect.

His mouth quirked, and the corner of his eye closest to her crinkled. “Babe,” he reproved. “Why you always stare at me like that?”

She blinked, and then said a silent ‘eep!’. He'd caught her. Still, she tried to brazen her way out of it. “I don’t stare at you.” She totally did. He was  … well, everything. How could she help staring?

“You do.”

Quarking laser balls. She was so busted. “Sorry,” she mumbled, turning to gaze out the window, her face flaming. “I won’t do it anymore.”

They pulled to a smooth stop under the portico of the main patient entrance. Inside, it was brightly lit, but other than the middle-aged orderly waiting inside the automatic doors beside an empty wheelchair, no one was around. 

“Didn’t say I minded,” Rocker pointed out, turning to drape one long arm over his steering wheel and train that devastating gaze on her. “Just wondered why.”


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Ann Omasta - April 4, 2017

Can’t wait for release day!!

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