Club 3 Series

The smoking hot men of Big Iron Fitness have another, private club. Want to come in?

She’s All In
Book 1
Can she find real freedom under her sexy Dom's command?
Daisy joins Big Iron Fitness to get fit and feel good in her own skin after reconstructive breast surgery. One look at gym owner Dack, and he's the one making her sweat. When he pumps iron, she imagines him doing a lot more--with her. Can Daisy learn to throw off her fears and inhibitions for Dack, and for herself?

She's All Tied Up
Book 2
His stern commands set her free, but her love throws this Dom for a loop.
Carlie is desperate to escape the disaster that is her love life. When heavy-lifter Jake rescues her from her latest bad date, she falls for him. But the ex-Marine has one flavor, and it's not vanilla. Can Carlie bare her heart, and a lot more, to find what she truly wants?

She's All That
Book 3
She'll obey her Doms' every command, but can she believe in their love?
After her cheating ex leaves her feeling less than a woman, Sara follows her 2 best friends to Club 3. But her instant feelings for Trace have her running scared. And when she learns he and Kai are a duo, it nearly shatters her. Can they convince her she's enough for not just one, but two men?

She's Worth It All
Club 3, Book 4 by Cathryn Cade
To heal her wounded heart, her Dom will risk everything.
Mase Barnett is a hero, a cop who nearly died to keep his small town safe. But he's also a man with a secret--one he takes across the river to Club 3. After the public breakup of her marriage, Natalie just wants to make a new life. She trusts Mase with her body, but will he mend her heart or break it again, this time forever?

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CLUB 3 Series


'Crazy hot! A great start to the series!'

– Anna @ RT Book Reviews