Coming Soon

Book 6, Sweet & Dirty BBW Romance

Coming FEBRUARY 2017

Featuring T-Bear & Coral

A big, bearded, ginger biker hires a pretty BBW strawberry blonde for the night, only to learn she has no idea he paid for her charms.

If he wants more, he’ll have to rescue her from some very bad dudes … but the hardest part may be convincing her to believe in his big heart.

Just in time for Valentines Day!

Book 7 Sweet & Dirty BBW Romance

Coming APRIL 2018

Featuring Moke & Shelli

He came all the way back to the Islands to make peace with his past.

She's on the run from hers...  men who are supposed to be his brothers.


Book 8 Sweet & Dirty BBW Romance

Coming Summer 2018

This will be Streak's love story ...

There's a new honey in town, and she's just what this lonely biker always wanted.

But with her past, will she find the courage to take him on along with his little boy, Javier?