Kindle World Story – Guarding Grayson

Guarding Grayson 600 x 900Guarding Grayson

A sexy, Sci Fi romance set in S.E. Smith's ‘Magic, New Mexico' Kindle World 

His ex-girlfriend just knocked on his front door, but that's not the worst part—she's dead!

Grayson Stark is a gifted artist, painting oils that bring high prices. No one knows just how gifted—he paints from his dreams. Until someone trashes his studio with a violence that shocks even North Idaho law officers.

Now he's lying low in the last place anyone would look for him … a little town called Magic, New Mexico.

But if he thought his new neighbors were weird, he's in for an even bigger shock the night he answers the door and finds his ex-girlfriend standing on his front steps. His very, very dead ex-girlfriend.

She was just gorgeous and annoying when she was alive—now she's scary.

E'ea, a new Galactic Guardian, is pleased with her infiltration of Gray's life. She's brought back his true love from the dead for him. She'll use Brynne's body to keep him safe from the assassins who want to stop his painting before he reveals any more of the future, and then leave the couple together on their backward little planet. There's just one problem—neither of them seem to appreciate her efforts.

Now she must keep them both alive and show them their importance as a couple in the future of the galaxy.

Brynne Polson remembers dying all too well, the night her car crashed into the deepest part of Lake Coeur d'Alene. She can't believe she's back, and that she has another chance with her hot, brooding boyfriend … except Gray doesn't seem all that thrilled to have her back, they're far from home, and she has a strange female voice in her head.

And just how does a woman gain ten pounds while she's dead, anyway?

Can an alien dedicated to peace give a feuding couple a second chance at life and love?

Find out—read Guarding Grayson today!

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